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Now on Preorder & A 99 Cent Sale

Blushed, a The Edge book, is on sale this month for 99 cents. Price is good until January 31, 2020.
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The day Christopher Piel walked into their mixed household to fix the cable, Tansy Marsh’s life changed. Here is a man unlike any she’s ever met – kind, generous, faithful.

But people like that can’t possibly exist. Rejected by her parents and living underneath someone else’s roof, the only love she’s ever known comes from the three foster kids in her care.

Yet what begins as attraction, proves to be far greater, and it just could be that the God he believes in is big enough to fix her heart. A blended family story.

Also, the third and final book in The Resurrectionists, Godpleaser, is available for preorder, to be delivered January 30, 2020. You won't want to miss the unexpected conclusion!
AND this month's FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY for my email subscribers is Book 1, Graverobber. This is the only way to get a copy in epub format. 
Nothing is required of…

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