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Now On Preorder - With An Excerpt!

I've had several people ask why I haven't released many new books this year. The answer involves an idea that sprung into my head early one morning.

Meet Josiah Crews. Graverobber. To set it up, this series is taken from three songs by the band, Petra on their album Not Of This World, dated 1983. You can hear the title song for Book 1, sung by the lead vocalist, Greg X Volz on YouTube.

I decided it would be best to write the entire series at once, so though, I warn you, this book has a major cliffhanger, Book 2 will follow before Christmas, and Book 3, the first of the year.

Also, a brief note, I have moved my WINGS series to be on a page with this series, as they are of a similar flavor. 

You can PREORDER now for delivery to your Kindle on October 15th.

He’d raised the dead, Lazarus-style.

Josiah Crews set aside his calling when his wife died. Consumed by grief, he buried his commitment to God and any thought of the lives he might save, determined t…

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