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This Month's Free Book

For the month of October, I am giving away FREE ebook copies of my testimonial book, FEARLESS to everyone subscribed to my devotional email list.

If you received this notice in your inbox because you follow along at, but you don't get my devotionals every month, then you will need to subscribe there as well.

 Both epub and kindle copies will be made available, but again, only to subscribers of my devotionals.

To subscribe visit the link:

If you or someone you know is dealing with fear, anxiety, or panic attacks, this book will help. I wrote it in the midst of the battle for my soul to give hope to others who are looking for freedom like I was. I couldn't find anyone who had been there and had a solution.

I've been there. There is a way out in Jesus Christ, and this book will provide the starting point.

The rules:  Deadline to subscribe and receive the download link is 7 a.m. 10/31/2019. If you have subscribed you will r…

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