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SHADOWLAND (The Resurrectionists) Book 2
If you read Book 1 and wondered what just happened, then you need to read Book 2. If you haven't read GRAVEROBBER, Book 1, then it's now only 99 cents!
Both books are available through Kindle Unlimited.
Book 2 - Amazon

Josiah Crews is doing well at his new job in his new town until, late one night, a man in a hoodie stabs him in the chest. It seems what sent him running from the city has caught up with him again, and this time, they want him dead.

Veronica Murphy misses her old neighbor, Joe, but must move on, at the least, for her teenage daughter’s sake. When city policeman, Matt Dennihey, shows up unannounced, sparks fly. He’s younger than her but why should that matter?

Plus, his friendship has come at a good time. Finding her daughter with an unknown cell phone, who better to locate where it came from? Except nothing is as simple as it seems, and the danger to them all growing stronger by the day.

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