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The Christmas Giveaway Spectacular!

The Christmas Giveaway Spectacular
This month's email subscriber book giveaway will include 2 books:  "A Little Christmas Magic: The Cowboy & The Librarian" and Book 4 of the Barrow Bros. Brides series, "She Loves Me In The Winter." 
Additionally, I am including a mystery gift. You will have to wait until the gift email to find out what it is!

The rules:  All books are provided in epub and Kindle format, unless otherwise indicated. They are for email subscribers only and will arrive in a separate private email, 7 a.m. on November 30th.
To join in on the fun, visit
All emails are powered by Feedblitz and guaranteed spam free.
Also, don't miss this fun Christmas story by my good friend, Nellie K. Neves - "Christmas With Granny McPherson." Available on Amazon.

 Evan Scruggs made his millions pretending to be someone he's not: A sweet grandma with an affinity for writing America's favorite cookbooks. 
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