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Wings ~ On sale. Both books only 99 cents!

Wings ~ On sale. Both books only 99 cents! It has been laid on my heart by the Lord to put a little more of myself out there in these posts, so as a way of introduction for those who know nothing more of me than that I write romance novels, I'm 48, have been married 30 years, this December, and  I have a 25-year-old daughter with her dad's hair and my sarcasm.

Why romance? Writing romance was the last ... LAST ... thing anyone who knows me ever thought I'd write. I never read romance growing up. I read some historical fiction with romance in it, but it was more history than romance. I don't watch romance movies. I'm much more a crime-drama, action-flick person.

That said, my first book was a romance, and when I write, romance is what emerges.

This month's 99 cent sale book was the first time I wove strong Christian allegory into a book. It's YA because that's what I was writing at the time, but I have had many adults read it and leave positi…

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