99 Cent Book Sales

Over on Facebook, I've been doing a unique look at some of the books I've written and products you may not be aware of. I wanted to send you three choices here. 

First, the audiobook for SUPERHUMAN Book 4, The Family, with narrator Mike Carnes, is available for purchase. Book 5, The Child, should be complete and made available this spring.

In case you didn't know, your first audiobook is FREE at Audible, and this series is a GREAT choice.

Also, I have 2 books on sale for 99 cents. This first one, for a twist, comes in both a contemporary and a historical romance version. Same story, different feel.

Not Done Living
Contemporary Version

Historical Version

Casey Hearn was told to kill Mason Thornhill, and that would be simple enough except what begins as another assassination, ends with an attraction she can’t deny and her heart placed in his hands.

He’s not who she expected at all. He’s stronger and smarter and one step ahead of her at all times.

But there’s a world of secrets between them, and now, someone is out to silence everyone involved. Unless, of course, she gets to them first.


This second 99 cent sale book is the first romance I wrote without a suspense element, a definite challenge plot-wise.

Love & Roses

Ian McKinney’s wife tried to kill him, and that made up his mind for good. He’s out of the dating game. He has friends, a comfortable job, other things to fill his life.

Then Allison Hoff walks into it. She’s never recovered from the death of her spouse and is now trying to somehow move on. Maybe if she loses a few pounds, builds her self-esteem …

But when she asks him to fill in as her date to the Fourth of July police dance, what seems like a beneficial arrangement to them both proves to be very, very wrong.


I hope you will check out all three of these. AND ... I wanted to let you know I have completed COWBOYS OF THE DOUBLE R, Book 5, Heart of Texas. My plan is to write Book 6, Welcome To Texas, and release them together as I have a pretty tight schedule of books to write this year.

God bless! If you have any questions or comments, you can reply to this from your inbox or message me through my webpage!

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA