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He shouldn’t feel anything for her. He shouldn’t have let them get so close. He shouldn’t have kissed her and made any sort of admission. He shouldn’t call her or text her or make promises. He shouldn’t want to feel her all around him either. Spiritually, mentally, morally, he was wrong.

When did they become more than a professor and his student?

Former hockey star, Andrew Jai, fell into teaching after an injury cut his promising sports career short. Being the youngest professor on the college campus is nothing new to him. A child genius, who graduated high school in his mid-teens, he’s used to always being in the wrong age group.

There was only one direction to fall.

Leah Richmond fought dyslexia to win a full-tuition scholarship to the college of her choice. But when her English literature professor asks for late-night help rewriting ancient curriculum, it isn’t the schoolwork that causes trouble. He’s only nine years older than her and kind and gentle, not to mention handsome. Their personalities click, and soon, late nights and time together blossom into a love affair.

Yet feeling anything is off limits and requires a heartbreaking choice. Something’s got to give, his job and reputation or her college degree, or maybe, worst of all, any possible future together. Unless God mends hearts and works a miracle.

A Christian romance by author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. Included, sneak peaks from two of her other books!

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Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA