Wings ~ On sale. Both books only 99 cents!

Wings ~ On sale. Both books only 99 cents!

It has been laid on my heart by the Lord to put a little more of myself out there in these posts, so as a way of introduction for those who know nothing more of me than that I write romance novels, I'm 48, have been married 30 years, this December, and  I have a 25-year-old daughter with her dad's hair and my sarcasm.

Why romance? Writing romance was the last ... LAST ... thing anyone who knows me ever thought I'd write. I never read romance growing up. I read some historical fiction with romance in it, but it was more history than romance. I don't watch romance movies. I'm much more a crime-drama, action-flick person.

That said, my first book was a romance, and when I write, romance is what emerges.

This month's 99 cent sale book was the first time I wove strong Christian allegory into a book. It's YA because that's what I was writing at the time, but I have had many adults read it and leave positive remarks. Book 2 took me three years to complete. I write strictly by inspiration, and if it isn't working in my heart, then I don't force it out.

This set has both Book 1 and Book 2. It's the entire series for one low price, during the month of April only.

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And don't forget to download the study guides. These are still available on my old blog for free.

An allegorical look at the gospels and the book of Acts.

What reviewers are saying: “I actually learned more things about God than I already knew.” – “Wow this was such a powerful novel! There were so many spiritual truths washing over me as I read it! No way could I deny how touched I was by these truths written and how they can be applied to my own life.” – “This was an amazing book. I started reading it last night…and couldn't put it down!” – “Not the typical teenage love story or an angel love story.” – “I highly recommend this book!” – “Suzanne is a terrific writer who is very gifted with wisdom.”

Before, I close, I will give away a free book to my email subscribers April 30th. I give away so many books because I believe strongly in the spiritual principle - in the measure you give, it is given back to you. (Mt 7:2; Mk 4:24; Lk 6:38). For following along with me on my journey, for purchasing and reading my books, I love to share this reward with my readers.

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Have a blessed Easter celebrating our Resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ!

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA