Indian Summer, only 99 cents!

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Additionally, I make one post a month, here on the blog, about book sales prices and my current writing news.

On that note, this month's 99 cent sale book is INDIAN SUMMER. This price is good until July 18th. (Regularly $3.99.)

Purchase your copy at Amazon or other retailers.

Also ...

I will have a new post at Grace & Faith 4U blog on next Friday, June 28th. You can mark your calendars and check at their web address.

Otherwise, I will announce it on Twitter and my Facebook page on that date.

As to book releases ...

I am currently writing a series, three books, all in one session. I don't always do that for series' books but this one has cliffhangers that carry over into what follows and by writing straight through, I can assure to keep the plot in line.

If that hasn't peaked your curiosity, the subject comes from an old Petra album, "Not Of This World," dated 1983. Specifically, the songs, "Grave Robber," "Not By Sight," and "God Pleaser." You can find a live video of "Grave Robber" on You Tube. I am a child of the 1980s and would have been 13 when that came out.

I am excited about these books. I'm describing them as "Gumshoe meets 1980s with a little medieval thrown in." Look for Book 1, hopefully, by the end of the summer.

I have the final book to release, the unplanned one about Dale, in the Cowboys of the Double R series. I am looking at August or September for that release. The series was originally 5 books, but the further I got in, the more Dale had a story of his own.

Lastly ...

If you want to get to know me, a great place is on Instagram. I am an avid nature photographer and post one photo every day, most of them taken in my flower garden.

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God bless!

Suzanne D. Williams
Florida, USA