It's Time For Christmas

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Cowboys, Billionaires, and other Christmas Fantasies

4 Exclusive Stories

Including a double cross-over tying together the Billionaire Boys Club and my Best-Dressed Series. That's Atlas Bellamy and Ludwig Fabrinni in one story you can't find anywhere else!

Each story is also available in paperback under their individual titles.

In this set:

Christmas In A Cowboy’s Eyes

Who says you can’t come home again?

Brawny cowboy Mustang Holt spent his twenties working cattle in New Mexico, growing from the boy he’d been into an image of a man. But let go, along with the rest of the crew, and now rudderless, he heads north on his last few dimes to spend Christmas with his little brother in the city.

An unplanned invite from the girl, who used to live across the street, to spend the holiday with her and her father seems like a good idea for them both. His brother’s long-time relationship has fallen apart, and there’s the recent death of his own mentor he can’t seem to deal with. Perhaps, having people around who know them will help them heal.

But the girl he couldn’t stand, years ago, is now a beautiful woman with her own baggage, and her dad, too familiar with him and his brother’s greatest loss. Overwhelmed and fighting feelings he doesn’t want to have, the peace he’s searching feels hard to find, except that it’s Christmas and what he needs could be what he’s been looking at all along.

His & Hers Christmas

Karen and Carlton Mead are, on the outside, a happy successful couple with two smart, loving kids. They have a nice home, two cars, and lots of friends. They are, by all appearances, the quintessential American family.

Beneath the surface, however, eighteen years of marriage have taken their toll, becoming endless bickering over unimportant things.

Faced with the upcoming Christmas holiday, an argument over travel locations causes a larger-than-usual blowout. Karen digs in her heels. She will not spend her days with his family in South Fork. Similarly, Carlton refuses to spend his in Hayesville. And bore himself to death listening to her mother? I don’t think so.

They’ll go their separate ways. She’ll have her Christmas. He’ll have his. Except, soon their mesh of lies becomes more than they can handle, and they have an important lesson to learn – that sometimes, love and family are what really matters.

Christmas Cash (A Billionaire Romance Double Cross-Over)

One troubled soul knows another.

Eighteen-year-old, Rosalie Fabrinni, left everything she owned and ran south to Miami. She loves her family, especially her real dad, billionaire Ludwig Fabrinni, but can’t take her stepfather’s abuse any longer.

A chance encounter with a man, who looks like Santa, gives her a temporary home and a job with his daughter, a well-known party planner. Here’s something that interests her, something she’s good at, and in light of the Christmas season, this is the perfect time of year to test her skills.

But living on the run, always looking over your shoulder, isn’t easy, and what does she know about being an average girl? When she meets young billionaire Cash McShane, her already tentative new life, takes a romantic turn. Except billionaires know billionaires, and the longer she stays, the more likely it is she’ll get caught.

Welcome To Wonderland

Laurie Gray and Skelley Black don’t get along. Co-workers at the firm, Atkins & Sons, they frequently butt heads, and usually loud enough that everyone can hear it.

When Skelley saddles Laurie with his most difficult client, their contest of wills reaches its peak. Two people with such determination can’t continue to operate together. One of them has to win, no matter how underhanded they have to act to accomplish it.

Yet, the miracle of Christmas has other plans for their lives, romance and a lesson they should learn. In a series of odd dreams, the woman who’d like to claw his eyes out becomes a favored princess, and the man, who hates everyone, is the king.

Suzanne D. Williams, Author