My Least-Favorite Book & A Poll

I saw an amusing sales pitch by an author the other day. I'm unsure how I got on his newsletter list. But he advertised one of his books as his least favorite. Truthfulness always gets you brownie points with me.

His comments got me to thinking. What book would I say was my least favorite? I have an answer. Yet, what I realized about this question is more revealing because most of what makes a book my "least favorite" is negative feedback I've received.

I stopped asking for reviews a number of years ago as I didn't like how my asking influenced your reading experience. Different readers have different guidelines for making reviews. I like what Christian Book Finds owner, Tattie Maggard, wrote about the process and agree with her completely. You can read that -> HERE.

I actually feel like Christian books being rated in a secular rating system is not correct. I used to leave book reviews. Now, I only do so if I loved it. As Christians, we are to encourage and strengthen one another. There is entirely too much criticism in the church, and yes, I believe it starts with things as simple as book reviews or down-voting videos and social media posts. Our motive for our actions matters.

As to what you really want to know, what book I like the least, it's a tie. Book 2 of "A Man Through Time" series, "The British Are Coming" received a rather nasty comment, so I pulled it on Amazon. It is only available at epub retailers (for 99 cents!) The story fits with the series perfectly, but I guess the reader did not see my vision.

My second choice and probable least favorite got messed up in my head for a number of reasons, too much to relate. But foremost was a review with the reader admitting they read only chapter 1 and that the story line was done much better by someone else, name included. In actuality, I love the story itself (and it does have good reviews). I only wish the reader had gotten to the part where ... well, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you.

This story, "A Mail-Order Bride For Christmas" can be purchased only at epub retailers.

Which brings me to my final reason for this post. I want to know what book format you prefer to read. Your answers will help me make some decisions in upcoming months.

The Poll

Thank you, and God bless!

Suzanne D. Williams, Author