Story Saturdays: 3:05

Just a note reminder that this featured story is one of hundreds of incomplete stories I have in my file. I'd love to hear what you think happens next. You never know how it will inspire me.


I can do more in five minutes of sunshine than in a week of gray skies, and by that, I mean both physically, standing in actual sunshine, and mentally, having the right attitude. I don’t know if that makes me extra sensitive or not. But this last week has been unproductive, and I blame the weather.

Every day has dawned colorless and cloudy. The wind is brisk from the north. It moans at night like an old woman on her deathbed. Mother would call me morbid again, but she might as well look hard in the mirror. She made me this way.


As if reading my thoughts, she called up the stairs. I ignored it and held still. Hopefully, she’d think me asleep. The weather was conducive to that too, and in my low frame of mind, I was so inclined. I flattened myself on the bed, my eyes squeezed shut, and awakened, fuzzy-headed, sometime later.

I searched for the clock. 3:05. My gaze went out the window next. If I expected sunshine, I was sorely disappointed. Same eternal grayness, same chilly atmosphere.

I rolled flat on my back and reached for my journal.

Remind me why we moved here, I wrote, untucking the pen from the spiral spine. Dad’s job, right. Only it wasn’t as grand as he thought, and the house they promised us, half the size we need. Plus, there’s no yard, no place for me to go to daydream.

I stopped, disheartened. What was a twenty-year-old doing daydreaming anyhow? I ought to find myself a job. This stuck in my mind. I stuffed my journal beneath the bed and rose, double-checking the state of my hair before heading downstairs.

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